Our Story

The story of ORBS is one built on friendship, love of humanity, and the desire to create outstanding foods with only the highest-quality ingredients.

It all started when two women met at a local brunch spot in Nashville, Tennessee and quickly became friends. Over many laughs, cups of hot tea, and common viewpoints shared, the vision for ORBS came to life.

ORBS can be considered both a snack and a dessert.  They are a naturally-sweet treat, and a healthy choice that individuals of all lifestyles will fall in love with.

In addition to starting a new venture, these two women have bigger plans. Since day one, a percentage of every sale of ORBS is reserved to provide meals for those in need. 

This sentiment of giving the world a great new and healthy snack option, while also giving back to those in need, is truly the heart of ORBS!

Thank you for supporting our mission!

Much Love,